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Joining with me (LaMeel) in the Credit to Wealth Membership is an opportunity to change your life and financial situation right now! Personal Wealth and Financial Education are some of the most important type education we will ever receive in our lifetime!

For the Holiday's I have lowered the price by more than 50%!

For the next 400 people that not only want to have an financial shift with their own finances but wants create additional streams.  Becoming a Credit to Wealth Member is one of the best and fastest ways for you to to start making the shift to not only a wealthy mindset but to true personal financial wealth!

About Your Future Mentor
Kimse LaMeel

I started empire journey as a  divorced mom of seven with a 400 credit score and in less than 2 years I was making 5K a month, that grew to over 5 figures monthly, How? By applying the very information you have the opportunity to be apart of today, and leveraging the power of the internet.  I have made well over $500,000 ONLINE from my smart phone with no degree, and no formal business training. So if I can do it,  you can too!

To date I helped over 10,000 people obtain a 700+credit score, make profitable investments and build Real Personal Wealth

Now You Can Learn to Build Real Wealth .... Without Risking Your Own Money

Become a Member

As a member you receive you are trained on Financial Freedom strategies and techniques to build your personal credit and financial empire.  The Membership Includes;

Build Your Financial Freedom


The Credit Empowerment System

Cash is King, but in today’s digital world, credit runs the kingdom.  This is a step by step system that will show you how to raise your credit score to 750+.

How To Create Streams of Income

To be financially Free you MUST have multiple streams of income. Learn to monetize your interests and hobbie. Learn to create passive income streams.

The Cash Flow Manager

Helps you to manage your finances and track your cash flow. Better awareness of your finances leads to more money saved, and more money made.

Build Your Business Credit

Your paid weekly per sale plus you generate a monthly residual income which is the foundation for financial freedom. 

The Debt Elimination Training

Our debt elimination calculator can empower you to eliminate your debt quickly and shift cashflow back to you. 

Forex Trading Training

You're probably thinking, "I don't know that many people".  This is not a business based on who you know, this is a business base on what you know.

Tax Withholding Training

Shows you how to adjust your W-4 to bring home more money per pay check

Investment Training 

I will teach you how to effectively reach people ALL OVER THE NATION, becoming an expert in the field of building financial success, and how to have people come to YOU for wealth building information.

How Discount Travel

Receive a discount everytime you travel, and share your link so that you earn on your friends and family travel too.

Unlimited Tax Advice

It's as simple as posting on Facebook and other social media platformsand people who are interested in Financial Freedom, will come to YOU wanting to be a part of this, just like how you found me.

Discount Shopping Strategies

Shop online at all your favorite stores and receive cash back rebates 

Plus other Retirement strategies & budgeting Tools  

You can add an extra $100-$600 to your monthly income in the next 10-14 days

The membership is usually $99.98, however right now it’s only $58.98 for your start-up, and $34.98/Monthly.

Success is no accident. You have to do it on purpose.  It has been long said that our minds are built for success, but programmed for failure. Become a member today and start receiving wealth mentality training while shifting your own finances to wealth!

What Wealth & Financial Freedom Look Like To ME

Invest In Your & Your Future Today

Start Building Your Financial Empire

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