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LaMeel can now help you achieve your wildest dreams without giving up the things you love!

We here at LaMeel know that most of you want the benefits of a traditional business career,but without someone controlling your income, hours, partners and over all job security?

Maybe you’re comfortable in your job, but would like to increase your opportunities and income without trying to balance the multiple schedules it would created for you.

Welcome To The Credit Empowerment System Agent Program

 With our New Agent Program you get;

* All the programs included within the Credit Empowerment System
* Full video training on each course within the Credit Empowerment System
* Method needed to sell the system as a service or a course download
* LaMeels provide you with credit support services
* Business development training sessions

*** Over 10 Hours of additional traditional credit repair service


Plus 8 one-on-one training sessions with LaMeel



To become a Credit Empowerment Agent there are a few cost involved,

The one-time agent Fee is only $688.88 (payment plans available)
 $78.88 per month for agent support and software access (will be adjusted if you purchase your own full version of the software) 




We are only accepting a few agents at a time

I am very excited to offer you this program which will be expanding as the weeks go on to make it as automated as possible.  The first year we added this program to our website this course did 60K in income for us with no paid advertising!

Offering this program will change your life!!

  • Earn 60% commission from every sale-Paid Weekly
  •  Learn To Turn Our Income Into Wealth
  • No Team to Build to excel
  • Protect Your Financial Future
  • Get an 800 credit score for yourself


So Join Today!
For those that become agents now you will receive a thousand credit repair leads! 

The Money Goddess



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